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A Sports Directory for the Internet

This is Rauzulu's Street, a collection of sports contact information and a source for the major sports records and past champions. Our large historical and statistical database covers a number of sports, such as hockey, baseball and football and is a must starting point for finding sports information on the web. In addition Rauzulu shares his latest opinions each month on the state of sports and the internet. Be sure to check out his latest postings in the Soapbox Area.

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This Month - August

The Little League World Series is played this month.

The 28th Olympic Summer Games is this month in Athens Greece.

College football gears up for another season.

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Last Month - July

July, gave us a new winner in the British Open Golf Tournament with Tod Hamilton winning in a playoff.

The record now stands at six straight for Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Team for the Tour de France bike race. Armstrong became the first man in the 101-year history of the Tour de France to capture the crown six times, not to mention in consecutive years.

North of the border the CFL (Canadian Football League) action is underway. Three downs, a high energy passing game and a larger field make this an exciting game for the fans.

The Major League Baseball All Star Game was held.

Ladies tennis declared a non Williams champion at Wimbledon for the first time in four years. Roger Federer won on the gentlemans side.

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The Soapbox

Every once in a while Rauzulu comments on some happening in the world of sports or happenings on the Internet. Be sure to check out his latest comments on the addition of the latest staff member at Rauzulu's Street. We heard it from reliable sources that he will work like a dog.

Rauzulu's Soapbox

A few months ago we introduced our newest staff addition, Logan.

For those that missed it we have left up Rauzulu's comments on the ever popular "Bobblehead" Craze now located here.

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Coming Next Month - September

September means our thoughts turn to the MLB playoffs.

The arrival of the fall season also means that football fans can officially reclaim the space on the couch.^ top

Featured Events and News

Be sure to check out this area for additional sports coverage. Use the menu on the left to get the latest sports news.

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